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2017 Submissions

Jotunheim Cinematic Song
Chips på fyllan Dubstep Song
Triumph In The Dark Cinematic Song
Foreign Paradise Trance Song
Chenche Conchita Experimental Song
Guided Missile Trance Song
Tazerbird Trance Song
I Lost My Sax Experimental Song
Silverfish Trance Song
Ballons Ballons Esta Mañana Video Game Song
Stratosphere Trance Song
Candy Bar Experimental Song
Forever Anxious Dubstep Song
LED Beluga Techno Song
Laga Mat - feat. Girltummy Dubstep Song
Locksmith Dubstep Song
Bounce Techno Song
DigohD - We Come In Peace Trance Song
DigohD - Influenza Trance Song
The derp is strong Dubstep Song
Rebound House Song
Steppin' on Legos Experimental Song
LED AligaThor Trance Song
Asgard Trance Song
Whimsical Trance Song
Goldfish Dance Song
Lost Trance Song
Two Steps Ahead Trance Song
Gnyla Techno Song
Vivid Trance Song
Purple Dreams Trance Song
LED Elephantasia Trance Song
Serenity (Soft Trance) Trance Song
Welcome Ataraxia Trance Song
Trance Schmance Trance Song
TR4NC3 - A new approach Trance Song
Amplitutde (WiP) Trance Song
Notes For My Love (Trance) Trance Song
Trials - Progressive Trance Trance Song
I Find You Trance Song
Enlightened Beings Techno Song
Back to back Trance Song
A.I Dubstep Song
Tickle me tummy (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Crushing Bugs (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Invoke Dubstep Song
Guinea Pigs Trance Song
Lazy Days Miscellaneous Song
Hidden Treasure Miscellaneous Song
DigohD - Cleanse Trance Song
Dream of you Trance Song
LED Flamingo Trance Song
DigohD - Denial Trance Song
Cry For Vengeance Techno Song
Cease rythm, fly away Dubstep Song
United Invincible Trance Song
DigohD - Endeavour Techno Song
DigohD - Levitation Trance Song
DigohD - Whatever it Takes Trance Song
Great Deeds (WIP) Trance Song
DigohD - ROI: Work in progress Miscellaneous Song
DigohD - Break Away Dance Song
DigohD - Flee Video Game Song
DigohD - Fallen Angel House Song
Mr Hank Miscellaneous Song
DigohD - insomnia House Song
One Day, You and Me Miscellaneous Song
#1 (Square 1) House Song
Repulse (Shortened version) Trance Song
Repulse Trance Song
Absense Attained Trance Song
UMTPNP - (WIP) Dance Song
Staying Young Trance Song
Dim Souls Trance Song
Teemo The Swift Scout Miscellaneous Song
Waves of Hope Classical Loop
When Trust Fails Trance Song
Plains of Eden Video Game Loop
Turning To Dust (Attempt) Techno Song
Tears of Sand {WIP} (Feedback) Trance Song
20 Mad Secs Drum N Bass Song
Grasslands in autumn Miscellaneous Song
Hobbits Raving (DnB loop) Drum N Bass Loop
Apage Satanus Trance Song
March on Thermopyle Miscellaneous Song
Doomed While Lame Techno Song
The Last Preparations Classical Song
Space Combat (WIP) - Game Loop Video Game Loop
Borra Mé Lennart Dance Song
Pure Conquest Video Game Song
Act of urgency (Game loop) Video Game Loop
Fuckaroo Mountain Techno Song
Starshine Castle Video Game Loop
Illusional Techno Techno Song
The Undiscovered Video Game Loop
Level This Video Game Loop
The Way Of Life Techno Song
This is DigohD Trance Song
The Optimizer Dance Song
Kurre (You will have nightmare Heavy Metal Song
Space Voyage Critical Video Game Loop
Make Sin (No Vocals) Techno Song
Bedriva Otukt (Make some sin) Techno Song
PowerPunch Techno Song
DigohD - Techno Patience Video Game Loop
DigohD - Storms Undone Techno Song