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Need to post something!

2009-04-05 09:06:45 by DigohD

Ok, so I have uploaded music for a while now on Newgrounds, now it's time to post some about me. My IRL name is Simon Eliasson and I live in Sweden. My nickname online is DigohD (If you haven't noticed already :D).

I began to use fruity loops about 3 years ago. But I started for real when I uploaded Storms undone here on newgrounds. It was more like a test, if people liked it. If they wouldn't like my work, I wouldn't continue creating it. but so far, it seems like its listenable :)

When I myself review other peoples work, I always try to find creative things to say. I am more satisfied with a review when I can point out things an artist could do better, then just writing "This is amazing, keep it up". I want to help others, and i expect some help back to :)

Finally, I really want to thank everyone that have taken their time to review and vote on my music. It has helped me in many ways with improving my skills.

Until later